Station: [5] Servant’s Chamber

Maid Luise: So, this is my new home. Actually it is very nice here. Obviously I have to share the bed with the farmer’s daughter, but I am already used to that. As long as she does not snore like Lotte from Oberschulte. It was the same every night, simply dreadful; I could not sleep a wink.
Sharing a bed, though, has its benefits. At least it’s warm and cosy under the sheets. And it also scares uninvited guests away ... So, let me now unpack my things first.
Here are my pinafores, stockings and clodhoppers. Then my Sunday dress, the sun-bonnet …the hand-spun linen sheets earned in wages and my stock of flax are there too. Absolutely everything.
Am I glad that I could make it to the homestead at the Möllering farm on St. Martin’s day - Easter, the 11th of November! It can only get better over here. The previous farmer was a sot and cruel, he beat maids as well as farmhands and the miserable skinflint did not even pay wages as promised. First make the people slog and then not
cough up the wages. I could no longer let that pass. Once I had my recommendation letter in my pocket there was only one thing left to do: simply push off!
I will, however, miss Franz a little. Even the most idiotic farmers can have cute sons. He even gave me a love letter with a heart formed out of entwining flowers and flying angels … anyway it’s only a copper-etching print. Though it is painted in vivid colours and is cheerful looking. But he did not sign it, perhaps didn’t have the courage to do so. It would not have led to anything in any case, not with that father-in-law!