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F: Hello and welcome! We’re delighted you’ve decided to pay us a visit at Dotzheim Museum, right in the heart of the old village center.

M: Nicknamed “Dozzem” by the locals, this is now the second-largest district in the city of Wiesbaden. But that was not always the case. For eight centuries, this was a village outside the city limits. Dotzheim, the “biggest village in the Nassau region”, witnessed the development of manual trades, farming and industry, but also boasted lively local clubs and associations. Despite being incorporated into Wiesbaden in 1928, Dotzheim has retained its special character to this day.

F: …as you’ll discover here at the museum. Across twenty stops, this audio guide explores the history of the place – from Roman times to the here and now. Dotzheim Museum is right next to the Altes Rathaus, the Old Town Hall, in the building that used to serve as the stationhouse. It was opened in 1985 by the “Heimat- and Verschönerungsverein Dotzheim”, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving local history and smartening up the village. Since then, the museum has been regularly expanded and improved. There are two floors, on which we’ll be showing your many hundreds of documents, objects and mementoes.

M: As well as the permanent collection, the museum also hosts special exhibits on varying subjects in its rooms. Here on the first floor, you’ll find the current one in the glass cases on the left-hand side of the passage. Though our audio tour only deals with the permanent exhibition, since that alone offers plenty to explore! We’ll begin in the first room on the right, by the large-scale model of the former village of Dotzheim.

All pictures and film station 9: © Bernd Blaudow, Dotzheimer Museum