Station: [306] Excursion - Count Wiprecht of Groitzsch

A pillaging, plundering knight, an innovative leader, a pilgrimaging sinner and an austere monk. Chroniclers described him as a ruler of imperial political significance with contact to the emperor, popes and bishops. At the same time, he was known as a hard-boiled fighter who transformed into a remorseful, Christ-professing monk in the autumn years of his life.

Today Wiprecht of Groitzsch is also regarded as a pioneer in the development of the land.

As the first nobleman, Wiprecht of Groitzsch tried to create a coherent dominion that consisted of castles, monasteries and towns.

He had Groitzsch Castle constructed as an imposing ruler’s seat with the most modern castle-building techniques of the time. For the first time nature and bricks were used and the ramparts were supported by an elaborate box construction

In Pegau the count founded a Benedictine Monastery and put monks from Schwarzach near Würzburg in it. In addition, he encouraged the settlement of Franconian farmers and thus drove the development of the land forward. Last, but not least, he sowed the seed for the creation of the towns of Pegau and Groitzsch.

Submerge yourself in Wiprecht of Groitzsch’s world. This excursion contains fascinating installations, about the Margrave of Meißen’s life, with whom the course of Saxonian history would have taken another course had it not been for ... but why don’t you listen and find out for yourself? !