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Deeply rooted at the source of life

In the east-german area of Spreequellland you can truly relax, because far away from the touristic crowds you will meet selected hosts who will welcome you warmly and lovingly prepare the most beautiful time of the year for you. We don't know "off-the-peg" holidays here in the municipalities of southern Upper Lusatia, rather our region is an Eldorado for individualists.

In Ebersbach-Neugersdorf and around the Kottmar mountain, many places are quiet and contemplative. We take a lot of time for your needs. After a few days, you will find out why the people who live here are so deeply rooted: with their landscape, the traditional traditions and river Spree, which rises here at three springs and names the region.

Being active and yet finding mental balance is possible here in the Upper Lusatian Highlands holiday area at any time of the year, because you are surrounded by an incomparably harmonious mountain landscape, but find yourself also always close to the water. In addition to picturesque hiking routes and themed cycle paths, such as the Upper Lusatian Mountain Trail and the River Spree Cycle Path, you can also discover some cross-country ski slopes alone with yourself and the charming nature of the mountains during the winter season.

Your most beautiful time of the year is our vocation – we look forward to seeing you!

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Tourist Information Spreequellland