Station: [10] Apartments 10 & 11

Two holiday maisonettes have been created on the upper floor of the west wing. The one at the back is above the former stable, in a space that was probably once used to store hay for the animals. The one at the front, adjacent to the main house, may originally have been a maid's room. Like the east wing opposite, this is a cantilevered structure with a high-ceilinged, elongated space that served as a manufacturing plant and warehouse.

The roof design in today’s holiday apartment number 11 is especially unusual. Take a look at your screen: you’ll see a solid threaded steel rod, which runs from above through the ceiling beam and what’s known as a bearer.

It is secured at the very top, at the apex of the roof. So the bearer helps to supports the ceiling beams between the first and second floors. It tells us that the people working here expected to be dealing with heavy loads.

This smart design meant that even during the recent refurbishment, floor levelling could be carried out by turning the old, hand-forged nuts up or down on the threaded rod

The refurbishment has created wonderful little children's play areas. It’s like playing in a hayloft!

All depictions: © Palais Wunderlich