Station: [10] View at Rosing Farm

What a landscape! Somehow, the sky seems bigger here than elsewhere, don’t you think?

The Donaumoos fen is a completely flat landscape, with roads arrow-straight and lined with white birch trees, lush meadows, and extensive fields with soil black as pitch. One fenland saying claims: 

“You can see on Saturdays who’s coming to visit on Sunday.”

You can just let your eyes wander -- there’s nothing in the way. In the distance, you can see the gentle, rolling hills that surround the fen like some remote mainland. The Donaumoos has its own special appeal, and many people don’t immediately take a liking to it. Some find it boring, but others immediately fall in love with a landscape that’s not at all typical of Bavaria. 

The black soil is essentially the trademark of the Donaumoos region. Let some of it trickle through your fingers as you walk past one of the fields. We can tell you now that it leaves a stain. Following that experience, you’ll easily be able to picture the peat-cutters after a long working day – black from top to toe.

As you look along the museum road, you can see the houses and farms where the fenland folk once lived. Let’s move on.