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Goethe's famous play, Faust, manages just over 80 languages, Harry Potter comes in at 70 plus, and Astrid Lindgren's children’s books top out at no less than 107!

The most successful works of world literature are translated into as many languages as possible to ensure they reach the maximum number of readers.

But the most translated book in the world is – you guessed it! – the Bible.

Being accessible in part or as a whole in more than 3,500 languages, it is the champion – nothing else even comes close.

But how many languages are there on our planet?
And which continent can boast the largest number of Bible translations? Take a look at our interactive globe to find out. Press the button and set out on an expedition through the languages of the world.

Just beyond the globe, on our colourful bulletin board, a flood of questions awaits:

How did “love thy neighbour” originate?

How old is God?

What is the apocalypse?

And what's going on with David Beckham's tattoos?

Fifty facts about the Bible you were afraid to ask. This is the place to get answers – and they will amaze you!

If you have a question about the Bible, please feel free to write it down on the paper provided. We’ll be delighted to consider it next time we update this section!

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