Station: [8] The Chalice (Communion Cup)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday...

The culmination of each week is Sunday, the day of rest, the... "Lord's Day." 

You only have to peer at the little window with the simple, yet exquisite communion cup to appreciate the exceptional nature of Sunday, or the Jewish Sabbath. It is the Lord’s Day, the day of rest. 

The colours, the sounds, the entire mood changes as you enter the small chapel. In the centre stands a medieval sculpture of Jesus offering support to his favourite disciple, John – embracing, comforting and holding him.

It’s an image of close fellowship. At the Last Supper, Jesus has just announced that one of his disciples will betray him and deliver him to the cross. The disciples are puzzled, unsettled. Then John nestles close – in pain, in despair, but also full of love and trust.

The sculpture of Christ and John is from a convent in southern Germany ... and might easily have stood here, in Meersburg’s Dominican house. This is actually a copy, so do feel free to take a really close look at it and run your fingers over its soft shapes and folds. 

And if you have something on your mind – a wish, a request or a thank you – write it down and clip it to our intercession wall.

We'll meet up again on the upper floor... after you've climbed the stairs, shaded by the leaves of our tree of life.

All depictions: © Bibelgalerie Meersburg