Station: [14] Blue Salon

Purchasing, wastage, takings, expenditure. vouchers, write-offs... oh dear, it's all so tedious!

Auntie Trudel is right. I'll have to learn all this if I want to take over the cake shop one day. But It's no fun at all! Sitting up here in the parlour and trying to understand this stuff, and downstairs, you can hear the people in the café, enjoying themselves...

I'm going to have a bit of fun now, too... just for a bit... I'm sure I’ll find this lot much easier to understand afterwards.

I'll just turn on auntie's gramophone. Because after all, what’s it for...

Considering all the noise coming from the patrons downstairs in the café, auntie won't hear a thing! And maybe ...maybe I can even dance a few steps... I'll just move some chairs and armchairs to one side...’s so cluttered up here in the living room! Oh dear! Now I’ve gone and scratched the floorboards. Auntie really should put castors on these... There! All done!

Oh, wonderful!

Fräulein Hildegard! Do you mind!?

Oh, my goodness! Herr Wehrdt. I'd forgotten all about him!

Herr Wehrdt! What are you doing here?

You might well ask, Fräulein Hildegard! What do you think I’m doing? What I always do: giving piano lessons... in the next room. At least, I’m trying to. But if you're going to inflict the sound of your new-fangled gramophone on the entire upper floor... how is that supposed to work?

You're quite right, Herr Wehrdt. I'm so sorry. But... I have an idea! I had just finished my accounting lesson anyway. Why don't you come in here and use the good piano for your lesson? And I'll... I can go next door into the book room.

Humph. ... Very well. Not a bad idea, actually. Ingeborg dear! Come in here, will you! We'll use the good piano today. And Fräulein Hildegard will go next door.

Hello, Fräulein Hildegard.

Hello, Ingeborg!

I’ve never understood why it has to be so jolly cramped up here! Three people, cheek by jowl: Frau Gertrud, Fräulein Hildegard and I. Oh well...

Right, Ingeborg dear, now come up here on to the platform. And sit at the piano. Here we go. Have you been practicing?

Of course, Herr Wehrdt.

Well then, let's see how you do!

And if you play nicely, Ingeborg, then you may tell the ladies downstairs in the café that I said you may have a scoop of vanilla ice cream before you leave.



Foto: © Wagner Roland und Adelheid, Lahr