Station: [2] Sales Area

Good day...

Well, young lady, what will it be? A piece of gateau, or some chocolates for your Mama?

Oh, no! I'm not...I mean, I’ve come to...

Oh! Of course! You’re Mrs Hauser's niece, Hildegard. I didn't recognise you, Gardi, you've grown so much!

All right … if you wait a moment, I'll call Mrs Hauser. Luckily, we have a house phone.

Mrs Hauser? Mrs Hauser, yes, your niece has just arrived. Yes, of course. I’ll tell her to wait here.

Your auntie is coming. She’s just briefly looking in on the bakery. Would you like a cup of hot cocoa or a sweetie?

No, thank you. I'll just wait.

Or you can come behind the counter straight away. After all, you’re going to be training as a saleswoman, right?

Look, there’s a customer now. It’s one of our regulars.

Good day, Herr Wickertsheimer, what’s it to be?

Good afternoon, ladies. How are we today? Isn't the weather just splendid?

Oh, Herr Wickertsheimer, in weather like this... well, a piece of cream cake tastes twice as good. Don't you agree?

Well, if you say so! Now, let’s see... erm, I think I’ll have ... I'd rather like... ah, a man really is spoilt for choice in here! All these cream cakes, each one taller and more luscious than the next! Indescribable. But … today, I'll just have a little box of chocolates. You know, a dear friend of mine has invited me round to his home tomorrow. And I’ll need a nice little gift for the lady of the house...

A box of chocolates? With pleasure. Gardi, get me a decorative box from the big cabinet over there...

Of course.

... in the centre display... But be careful when you open it, and mind you don’t break anything! That big display cabinet with the curved sliding glass covers is your aunt's pride and joy. It’s cherry-wood, you know.

It's really very handsome. Genuinely made to measure, I'm sure. There. I’ve found one. Here's your decorative box.

Anything else today?

Just a packet of biscuits for me. After all, I’m the very soul of frugality …

Indeed you are!

There you are.

Thank you, Gardi. And a packet of biscuits, sir.

That comes to... 1 Mark 70. Well, Gardi, would you like have a go at using our big cash register?

Oh, Fräulein, I'll also have a little snifter... cherry liqueur, please.

Very well, sir. That comes to, hold on, there’s also the...

That's what it was like back then... my first day of work here at the Süßes Löchle, when I was just 15 years old. The big cherry-wood display case was already in place, the cash register was there, too... and there was an aroma of coffee and fine food, just as there is now! ... Anyway... finally, my aunt emerged from the bakery, we carried my suitcase upstairs into the flat and then went straight back down to serve the customers. Because customers should never have to wait!



Foto: © Wagner Roland und Adelheid, Lahr