Station: [21] Kauzenmühle, Vorbachzimmerner Str. 24

M: The small coat of arms on the right, near the entrance with the number 24, reminds passers-by that a mill once stood here. The “Kauzenmühle” was first mentioned in 1591 and was one of several mills along the local stream, the Vorbach.

F: The stream, which flows along behind the house, is roughly 25 kilometres or sixteen miles long and runs from the Hohenlohe plateau down into the Vorbach valley. Along the relatively short stretch from Schrozberg to where it issues into the River Tauber near Weikersheim, it once powered 17 mills, six of them in Niederstetten. And one of those was the Kauzenmühle.

M: But the mill had to cease operations in 1926. Today, the small coat of arms is the only reminder that it was ever here.

F: From the Kauzenmühle, we’ll now move on to another tower, this one named for a fox: the Fuchsturm at Grabenschied number 15.

Fotos: © Trüpschuch