Station: [9] Old Town Hall, Rathausgasse 2

F: Niederstetten’s Old Town Hall stood here for more than 400 years. Inside the glass column, you can see a detailed model, made with a great deal of care and attention. The stop called "Ausgrenzungsgesellschaft" – Exclusive Society” -- is part of the Tacheles Trail, where we talk turkey.

M: The town hall was built in 1528.
It was completely destroyed in a major bombing raid on the 7th of April 1945. After the war, a new town hall was built in Albert-Sammt-Strasse.

F: Today, this is a place of remembrance, to ensure that the following (his)story is never repeated:

M: In the early morning hours of the 25th of March 1933, Nazi storm troopers charged into Niederstetten. They forced their way into the houses of local Jewish residents and dragged them here, to the town hall. While the building was being guarded by local police, the storm troopers subjected the Jews to a brutal beating. Some were so badly injured, they had to be taken to a medical facility in Würzburg. Eight others were arrested. Pupils from the local middle school, who were due to have classes in the town hall later that day, were forced to mop up the blood.

F: The contemporary witnesses included Jewish residents Max and Bruno Stern, born just a few metres from here.

Fotos: © Trüpschuch