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... And welcome to one of the oldest and most beautiful patrician houses in the town of Lahr: the venerable Palais Wunderlich.

Not long after the French Revolution, a merchant called Carl Ludwig Wunderlich acquired a plot of land outside the town walls and built this magnificent mansion. Wunderlich had made his fortune and risen to become an important figure in Lahr. But just six years later, he sold the mansion and went bankrupt soon afterwards.

You’re probably wondering why that was ... what happened next?

Please join us on our exploration of more than two hundred years of history:

The history of Palais Wunderlich and the people who lived there...

... As well as Lahr's local and regional history across those two centuries...

... Which, of course, continues to this day! The mansion, now a listed building, has been refurbished in recent years. A great deal of know-how went into bringing it up to 21st century housing standards. Traditional materials such as lime plaster and loam rendering, the use of reed as lath material, lime-based paints and oiled wooden floorboards – they all evoke past centuries and are evidence of the care taken in dealing with the fabric of the building. With underfloor and wall heating and an underground car park, Palais Wunderlich has arrived in the here and now.

Three families currently live here on long-term tenancies and there are 14 holiday apartments, where visitors can experience the old mansion’s ambience and appreciate the successful contrast of old and new as they enjoy their break in a listed building!

Our audio guide will take you to the most important places – the ones that tell you about this grand property and its history. Simply use the map or the list on your screen to choose the appropriate commentary. If you’d like to find out more about the mansion’s most important owners over the past two hundred years, you may want to start your tour with stops 22 to 25.

And afterwards, if you’re still curious: the new owner, Alexander Hugenberg, has researched the history of Palais Wunderlich and is happy to provide information.

But now, let's get started... and head more than two hundred years into the past. To a time when today’s Kaiserstrasse was called "Dinglinger Vorstadt" – Dinglingen Suburb Road.

All depictions: © Palais Wunderlich