Station: [17] Cellar 3 beneath East Wing

In the old days, this was as far as it went. The east wing built by Lucas Faesch ended here... and so did the cellar.

It was Adolf Friedrich Bader who originally extended it even further. He demolished the structure above ground, replaced it with a new, longer building and enlarged the cellar at the same time. The result was cellar number three. However, it was only accessible via a staircase from the bath house.

It’s quite unlike the two older cellars. Bader used better quality stones for the masonry. If you look closely, you’ll see that extra care went into cutting and dressing them. He had sandstone slabs laid on the floor.

And in the rear left-hand corner, he had a basin without a drain built into the floor. Its purpose remains unclear, though further research into the mansion’s history may well reveal it.

A few years go now, a fourth cellar was added – a utility room with a concrete ceiling, which features a small kitchen and toilet facilities. It’s accessible from the garden salon and open to holiday visitors. There’s also access to the underground car park from here.

All depictions: © Palais Wunderlich