Station: [10] A Controversial Topic: Plant Protection

Given the aim of increasing yields, crop protection became more and more important over the course of the 20th century.

Since the 1920s, we’ve known that only the right mix of appropriate pruning, adequate fertilising and targeted plant protection produces regular and consistent yields of high quality commercial fruit.

So growers began to use mechanical sprayers to combat pests. Workers would carry these heavy backpack sprayers along the rows of trees. These days, small tractors are used to drive sprayers through the orchards.

Our display includes several historical pump sprays – and you can also see that in those days, people often went beyond what was sensible ecologically.

A lot has changed. These days, growers follow the guidelines of what’s known as Integrated Plant Production. That means both natural substances and chemical agents are used, precisely adapted to the environmental conditions in the particular microclimate. Beyond that, measures are also taken to promote biodiversity.

All depictions: © Gemeinde Fricklingen