Station: [6] The Metalworking Shop

Originally, the workshop was devoted to woodworking. But over time, the priority increasingly shifted to metalworking.

So plans were devised to extend the workshop. In around 1907, a forge was set up in here along with a specially installed flue. Think about that for a moment: a wood workshop with an open fire!

The next expansion, in 1920, created space for several metalworking machines.

The impressive lathe from this period is really something special. It was built on site and it has a remarkable total turning length of 3,200 mm – 126 inches. That means a workpiece with a diameter of 1020 mm (or 40 inches) could be precisely machined with a turning length of 3000 mm – 118 inches. Those workpieces would mainly have been large pulleys and lathe shafts.

The two lathes – a bar lathe and a screw-cutting lathe – are somewhat older. They arrived here in around 1900 and were capable of cutting metric as well as inch threads. Both lathes show how, even at an early stage, the workshop was operating to a high technical standard.

Two-pillar-drills and a planer for processing flat material complete the metal processing machinery.

All depictions: © Gemeinde Fricklingen