Station: [9] Court Official’s House

M: The detached Hofratshaus was built in the 17th century as accommodation for civil servants. It was extended to the south in 1911 and renovated in 1994. For many years, the half-timbered house has housed the Hohenloher Kunstverein, a local art society. Exhibitions by contemporary artists are shown on the upper floor and it’s well worth a visit.

F: Last but not least, we’d like to invite you to visit the castle itself. Take an audio tour, join a guided tour and dive deep into the eventful history of the princely family of Hohenlohe-Langenburg. Other delights on your itinerary are a magical chapel, one of southern Germany’s most beautiful Renaissance courtyards, an elegant Baroque hall and – as promised during your current tour - a fabulous view of the Jagst valley from the Lindenstamm Bastion.

M: We hope you’ve enjoyed your ramble, but for now, it’s time for us to say goodbye. Perhaps we’ll see you later, at the castle café for a cup of tea or coffee – and the stunning view.

F: Goodbye!


Fotos: © Trüpschuch