Station: [1] Welcome Outside the Museum

Hello, and welcome to the Marktheidenfeld Pharmacy Museum – which is located inside the old Obertor chemist’s shop. The building facing you was erected in 1711 on a former monastic estate owned by nearby Neustadt am Main monastery. The first pharmacy owners known by name can be traced back to 1750.

From 1939, the pharmacy was owned by the Martin family. For four generations, they dispensed medication to the residents of Marktheidenfeld from the premises – until 2012. Six years after the business closed at this location, it reopened as a museum in 2018.

Almost all the rooms of what was once the Obertor Pharmacy are accessible as part of the museum. Where possible, we’ve preserved the original furnishings, stripped out modern alterations and ensured that the facilities meet museum standards. Our museum’s appeal lies n the fact that you’re allowed to do all the things that are impossible in any other chemist’s shop – you can catch a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. In our pharmacy, you’ll experience pharmaceutical history close up!

With very few exceptions, no new display cases were installed. Instead, we’ve used the existing original furnishings from 1950, which have been largely preserved. Our museum invites active exploration – so feel free to open cupboards and slide out drawers to discover more exhibits. 

.Now – enjoy your tour. Afterwards, you’ll not only know how a pharmacy operates, you’ll also have gained some deeper insights into the profession of a pharmacist.

Please walk right in!


All depictions: © Trüpschuch