Station: [1] Welcome

Hello and welcome to Klippenstein Palace! We’re delighted that you’ve found your way here. Klippenstein lies on the north-eastern outskirts of Radeberg, on what was once the salt road from the city of Halle to Bohemia.

Klippenstein translates as “cliff rock”, which reflects its location – on a rocky cliff above the Röder, a minor local river. Surrounded by a pond and a brook – the “Hofegrundbach” – Klippenstein Palace is both a hilltop castle and also protected by water – close to being a moated castle.

During your visit, you’ll be hearing about the history of the castle which became a palace as well as the history of the local town and its industry – in other words, a wide range of subjects associated with the complex, which is more than 700 years old. This audio tour consists of 31 stops and will guide you around the grounds and through the permanent exhibition inside the main castle.

On your tour, you’ll come across pictograms on a pastel background everywhere you go. The images relate both to this audio tour and to a guide book in simple language, which you can borrow free of charge at the ticket office.

If you’d like to hear a brief summary of the history of the castle and palace complex before you set out, please select the “book” image now. If you prefer, you can also access this commentary later at a time of your choosing – simply select it from the list on your smartphone.

And now: we hope you enjoy an exciting, colourful and fascinating time during your visit to Klippenstein Palace.

All depictions:  © Museum Schloss Klippenstein