Station: [42] Millefiori Paperweight

  • Glasmuseum Wertheim


This extremely rare Millefiori paperweight dating from around 1840 is a classic and is one of five of the earliest Millefiori paperweights known today. In 1833 Dr. Wilhelm Eduard Fuß managed to reconstruct the since forgotten Roman Millefiori production method in a glass foundry in the Silesian Giant Mountains. Italian glassmakers in Murano near Venice also re-invented Millefiori technique in 1836.


Millefiori paperweights, from the Italian „mille fiori“ meaning „a thousand flowers,“ contain the many-coloured canes cut into slices and arranged in specific designs such as concentric circles or colourful fields of flowers. These ordered designs stand in contrast to the scrambled „end-of-day,“ paperweights that contain random whole or broken Millefiori slices, Latticinio or filigree rods, or coloured strips that remain at the end of a day’s work.