Station: [97] Jewish Museum Creglingen


Formerly a barn and utility building, now a museum:


You’re standing in front of a building that is closely linked to the beginning and the end of the Jewish community in Creglingen. At the outbreak of the Thirty Years’ War, a Jew called Simson von Reinsbronn moved into the previous building on this site. There followed three hundred years of Jewish life in Creglingen. Emil Stern, the last local resident of the Jewish faith, left the town in 1939. Six years earlier, in March 1933, his father Hermann had been killed during a pogrom in Creglingen.

Today, the two miniature memorials outside our door – called “Stolpersteine”, tripping stones – serve as reminders of Hermann and Emil Stern.


Emil Stern’s flight ended the centuries-old story of Jews and Christians living side by side in Creglingen and the neighboring villages of Archshofen and Craintal.

The Jewish Museum was established in 1999 by a descendant of Creglingen Jews. It presents the lives of Jewish people here in town and in neighboring Archshofen in its exhibition “Roots and Destinations”, which focuses on cultural and social history. Across three floors, it traces the lives and fates of people of the Jewish faith who lived in Creglingen.

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The museum sees itself as a meeting place. In addition to its permanent exhibition, it hosts special exhibitions, events and guided tours. To find out more about the museum and its program, go to Juedisches dash Museum dash Creglingen dot de.


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Foto: © Martin Heuwinkel