Station: [22] The Estate Manager Flora

The figurine of estate manager Flora stands as an example of Roman rural settlements. The settlement around the fort was not able to supply enough produce to sustain both the fort and its own residents. This meant that farms and estates in the surrounding region had to supply additional food. Flora’s estate was located in Rotthof in the fertile Rot Valley. Following the death of her husband, she had a funerary monument made for her deceased spouse. The inscription names her as the manager of the estate. It is a remarkable sign of what status Flora, as a woman, was able to attain in the countryside. The keys shown in the display case symbolize her power over the household. The other two exhibits represent the supply of foodstuffs from the rural regions: a small sickle and the bell of a goat, sheep or cow. But these two objects were not found in the countryside, but in Passau.