Station: [5] JRK and the netherlands

There you are! You’re now in the room devoted to the Jugendrotkreuz – the Youth Red Cross. The JRK – to use its German abbreviation – is the independent youth organisation of the German Red Cross. With its holiday activities, campaigns to promote international understanding and First Aid Competitions, it appeals to girls and boys as well as young men and women. Roughly 140,000 people aged between 6 and 27 jointly champion peace, health and international understanding. 

If you walk straight on and into the next room, you’ll be crossing the border into the Netherlands, where the Dutch Red Cross has some historic exhibits on display. 

From the Eifel region, and hence the Red Cross Museum, it’s just a short hop to the Netherlands – Maastricht is less than 90 kilometres or just 55 miles away. It goes without saying that the national societies enjoy a close relationship.

Take time to look around, and say hello to the Dutch Red Cross worker wearing a typical uniform from the period shortly after the Second World War.

When you leave the Netherlands, please move on to your left and into the room on human rights. 


Foto 1: © Dagmar Trüpschuch
Foto 2: © Rotkreuz Museum