Station: [4] Light infantry

In theory, the light infantry was designed to operate in difficult terrain (woods, crossing streams, mountainous terrain), but in fact it was used as line infantry. It differs from the latter only by name and uniform. Its armament, equipment, training and missions are the same. The organization is similar to the line infantry.

But the light infantry is able to fight as sharpshooters. It is often placed in front of the line battalions in battle. The sharpshooter training made her a difficult target for enemy fire, while those, who are in "dense formation“, are very sensitive to the individual shot.

Each regiment comprises two or three battalions. A battalion consists of six companies of 120 men each, with two elite, a Voltigeur and a Carabineer, and four from the center, called Chasseurs. In battle, the Voltigeur Company is left, the four Chasseur companies in the center and the Carabineer Company at the right flank.

The carabineers match the grenadiers of the line and also wear red epaulets and often bearskin cap with red plume and Cords.

Voltigeurs have been the model for their namesakes of the line since they were created a year earlier, in 1804. They wear green epaulettes, sometimes with yellow fringes.

Our little scene shows chasseurs of light infantry arriving at the city of Leipzig, after the victory over the Prussian and Saxon armies. The terracotta figurines are created after a drawing by artist Christian Gottfried Heinrich Geissler, who left us a multitude of military drawings between 1806 and 1813. The victorious soldiers accept vegetables and fruits from a female merchant, who also offers them a glass of brandy.