Station: [8] Pouch

The pouch was originally a bag in which the grenadiers carried their grenades and then called a "cartridge" the kind of bag containing infantry ammunition, which gave its name to the ammunition itself some time later.

Subsequently, the name becomes half-pouch “demi-giberne” and when the use of grenades has been abandoned the term "pouch" having become "vacant" was adopted to designate the box containing the cartridges. Fixed at a belt of white leather, the pouch, a sort of box is crafted in leather enveloping a wooden box.

The box and its flap are formed of a single piece of stretched cow leather, using the flesh part on the outside. Only the side parts are attached, they are of the same leather as the body. These parts are rounded at the top. On the back a short leather martingale is nailed that the soldier can attach to one of his waist buttons. Under the box two girth straps that hold the police cap in place are fixed. The box is from pine wood. Its central piece has six holes. The two side portions which are also called "troughs" are used to contain a pack of 15 cartridges each.

In the holes of the center five cartridges, the ball up pointing upwards, and a small tinplate oil bottle are located.