Station: [14] Showcases and a collection

A serious accident on the autobahn, a house fire, a plane crash or an accident in a nuclear reactor – the scenes from the 1980s, reconstructed in the display cases, show what Red Cross workers accomplish during their operations. They not only invest their time working for the voluntary autobahn service, or turn up during a disaster relief operation. They also regularly train and improve their skills, because when push comes to shove, every move has to be the right one. To be prepared for an emergency, they take part in lifelike exercises – with “actors” from a work group that specialises in realistic accident re-enactments. 

The collection of model cars is enough to spark the interest of any collector. It belonged to Red Cross worker Manfred Wilewka – that’s him, on the right of the photograph. He collected scale models of emergency vehicles from all the various periods of the Red Cross. It was the work of a lifetime, and he assembled a substantial fleet. Do you see the model of a “Handmarie”? You know, a wheeled stretcher! You’ve already come across several originals here at the museum.

Please move on now to the final stop – which takes us back to the present.


Fotos: © Dagmar Trüpschuch