Audio guide: Cathedral Saint Viktor in Xanten


The cathedral Saint Viktor in Xanten on the Lower Rhine is valid as the biggest cathedral between Cologne and the sea. The towers are 72 / 74 metres high. In 1937 it was lent to the church by pope Pius XI of the titles of a Basilica minor, besides, is the former pencil church Propsteikirche.
The cathedral Saint Viktor owes his name to the martyr and members of the Thebäischen legion Viktor von Xanten who should have been executed in the 4th century in the amphitheatre by Vetera near the today's Birten.
Since the 12th century the skeletons of the saint Viktor have found her last place of rest behind the high altar of the cathedral. With it is for Xanten and the cathedral "AD SANCTOS" more than a bare name. The saint works after his death and announces his message of Christian religious strength and courage of conviction.