Station: [7] Parlour

Old farmer’s wife Katharina: Come in young men, come in. There’s enough room for everyone. There behind the bench there are still some unoccupied seats. Hello young man – you can`t keep sitting on this chair. The place next to the stove is reserved for me. That`s my warm little spot.
Farmer Caspar Heinrich: Looky here, is there a lot going on in here, or what?! Let the “Long Night” begin! Finally, it’s that time again for us to celebrate the winter solstice here at the farm.
Old farmer’s wife Katharina: Yes, but do we have enough wood? The stove has to stay warm until midnight after all.
Farmer Caspar Heinrich: No worries, the lads worked hard yesterday to fetch the wood. I haven’t even asked them where they brought the wood.
Old farmer’s wife Katharina: They will have taken it from the Kreienkamps forest. Secretly. Yes ... um … and where’s our cardamom liqueur? All ready and waiting?
Farmer Caspar Heinrich: Yes, that too is taken care of. But it will only be served later. First we will work hard at spinning some linen. We are not here just to celebrate after all. Not just for that!
Old farmer’s wife Katharina: And who knows there might just be some or other love kindled this evening. The Heermeier farmhand has his eye on our maid Luise. He quickly grabbed the place next to her. Who knows, wedding bells may ring in summer.
Farmer Caspar Heinrich: Oh, you and your tittle-tattle, mother! Arrange for the coffee and Pickert instead that has to be served after midnight. And then there will be dancing! But for now it is spinning! Okay people get on with it!

Foto: Bielefelder BauernhausMuseum