Station: [6] Earth Cellar in the Yard

Move along there, please, ladies and gentlemen! Move along, nothing to see here! Move along...

No, it’s not a pharaoh's tomb, and nor is it an underground thieves’ den with a chest full of gold, silver and jewels... It’s just the outdoor root cellar where the humans store potatoes, turnips and sauerkraut. A dozen slippery granite and brickwork steps lead down into a world that’s forever gloomy and damp ... steps no 21st century visitor should be expected to descend. 

So: please make up your mind about where you’d like to go next: 

To the laundry room, or the museum shop in the building on the south-east side of our beautiful four-sided courtyard?

Into the cart shed or the barn, on the left, where you’ll see all kinds of agricultural equipment, and encounter a venerable tomcat, not to mention a cheeky mouse?

To the livestock housing with the pig, the cow and the horse... and the slugabed farmhand, snoozing in his chamber upstairs, sleeping the sleep of the righteous?

Or into the farmhouse proper, home to the Kliemt family: Anna and Adolf Kliemt and their five children Oskar, Linda, Erwin, Erhard and Richard?

Ladies and gentlemen, and you delightful children, there’s a world of choices here in my four-sided farm with its four-sided courtyard. Just don't hang around at the entrance to the root cellar. Nothing to see here! Move along, please, just move along there...

All depictions: © Schlesisch-Oberlausitzer Museumsverbund gGmbH