Station: [401] Drudenmesser auch Drudenschneid genannt

Drudenmesser –Knife of the Drud. From the 18th century to the holy time in popular belief, the Drud is a wicked creature that may appear in all kinds of forms. Metal in general, and Drudenmesser in particular are attributed to have a ghost-repellent effect. Stapped in the stucco ceiling or on the doorstep of the stable, the Drud is not able to enter and bite the living stock. Under the bed or in the cradle, it protects the sleep. Hold out in the storm or wind, they fend tem off. A Kife of the Drud in the cream, if it will not turn into butter, helps to drive away the drud that causes it. The sole contribution of a Drudenmesser protects against evil spirits and the evil eye.
An old proverb says: Nine crosses and nine stars keep away evil. The number 9 is to be seen as the second power of the sacred number 3, the crosses and moon-noses in this case do not represent symbols that point to a deeper meaning, but represent standing magical signs that are considered effective only by their traditional use, Often they are combined with decidedly Christian protection marks such as IHS and INRI, as well as pious sayings. Foldable Drudenmesser are usually made of with a Chamois horn, this material is considered particularly ghost-repellent, which in turn reinforces the effect of the entire knife.