Station: [10] Belt Drive System

Careful, Gardi, it can be dangerous! No touching!

Good grief, what a commotion, simply from those long belts running across the pulleys?!

And the little motor. Yes, it really makes quite a racket!

Our belt drive system is great, because it makes our work so much easier! Here, take a look at the large mixing bowl made of sheet steel...

The one with the enormous whisk?

That's right! It spins around, and in less than no time, it’s made the fluffiest and most delicious cake mixture ever. All with the power of the motor, transmitted by the belt drive. A brilliant invention! In the past, it was hard work, stirring the sponge mixtures and kneading the yeast doughs by hand. But that’s a thing of the past!

Then there’s the little almond grinder that also makes our lives so much easier. No more need to wear yourself out chopping almonds. Whether slivered, sliced, flaked or grated almonds – we have the right attachment for everything, and the almond grinder does the work for us.

In the old days, being a confectioner clearly wasn’t a cakewalk!

You can say that again!



Foto: © Wagner Roland und Adelheid, Lahr