Station: [20] Garden Salon

In the 19th century, the garden salon served as a perfect little refuge – just as it does today.

The rustic stone floor, the doors and windows are the originals. The beamed ceiling with its old wooden planks, a wood-burning stove and a heating system have only recently been added – with the latter concealed in the lime green wall. But they pick up on the Bader family’s original idea. Sad to say, the garden salon ended up serving as a shed and a chicken coop before being restored to its original purpose.

There were some steps leading down on the left-hand side. In Bader’s day, there was a small, round vault there at ground-level. It housed the fireplace that was used to heat the water for the bath house above. When the Fehr-Huber family ran their wine business here, they used the fireplace to distil brandy in the former bath house.

Part of the décor in here also alludes to that family’s presence: note the old wine crate labelled "Kupferberggold". Today, the garden salon is open to all holiday visitors and occasionally serves as a venue for wine tastings or small events.

Adolf Friedrich Bader would be delighted!

All depictions: © Palais Wunderlich