Station: [5] Inns

M: In the past, anyone who fancied a beer after a day’s work, or wanted to enjoy a bit of bread and cheese or a hearty stew, had plenty of options – because in 1910, Dotzheim had more than 25 pubs!

In the days before the existence of radio, TV or the internet, people went out for their entertainment. But without cars or public transportation, they couldn’t go far. So they stayed local and met with co-workers, friends or family.

Three historic pubs have survived – though considerably changed. Probably the most famous of Dotzheim’s pubs stood right opposite: “Zum Engel” at Römergasse 16.

F: The first floor houses the tap room and bar, but the serious business took place on the second floor. That’s where the council chamber was, and where the community leaders, the mayors and the reeve held meetings. It was also where the village court records, contracts and charters were stored. The reeve – or Schultheiß – was a local administrator appointed by the princes of Nassau. As the head administrative official, he presided over the town meeting as well as the village court.

In 1767, when a new reeve was due to be appointed, Heinrich Anton Leichtweiß was proposed – the landlord of the inn “Zum Engel”. But Prince Carl von Nassau-Usingen considered it unseemly to entrust a barkeep with such a dignified office. That was a shame, because Leichtweiß wouldn’t have had to go far to attend the meetings – after all, he lived on site. And maybe his life would have taken a different, less drastic turn.

M: Now, if you turn around, you’ll be looking at our next stop. It deals with Dotzheim’s blue-collar workers.