Station: [1] Welcome

Hello and welcome. We‘re standing in front of a place that offers a glimpse into the past -- like a window in time. The engineering gems preserved in this workshop in Frickingen-Altheim take us back to a bygone age. When the workshop was set up 120 years ago, horse-drawn carriages and ox carts ruled the road. But the first cars were beginning to appear, and any engineering issues meant a visit to the mechanic.

Behind the big double doors, you’ll discover a world of engineering wonders! Three generations of tinkerers worked here, expanding their workshop over a period of a hundred years. You‘ll meet a father, son and grandson from the Widmer family, as well as the former apprentice, Josef Maier. Their inventions will amaze you. So let’s go and explore the Swabian tinkerers‘ world of machines!

All depictions: © Gemeinde Fricklingen