Station: [37] Z – Ceramic Glass Dentures

  • Glasmuseum Wertheim


False teeth have to be very robust, able to withstand the hardest foods, durable, have a natural appearance, minimum weight and be affordable and hypoallergenic. A lost-wax casting process, as used by the Wertheim Company Zahntechnik Jung, or Jung Tooth Technology has been used for the ceramic glass dentures that have been produced up until now. Glass artists also use this technique and we have an example of it here in the museum: Isablle Böhms „Weinende Maria,“ or „Weeping Mary,“ in the Studio Glass cabinet in the small museum building.


But scientists from Jena have now developed a new and extremely robust ceramic glass denture. Christian Rüssel and his team from the Otto-Schott-Institute for Glass-Chemistry at the Friedrich Schiller University use nano-technology to produce it. Prosthetics companies are queuing to get hold of it and ceramic glass is also regarded as a possible material for future human bone replacement.