Station: [52] Vera Liskova: „Aurelia“ Jelly Fish

  • Glasmuseum Wertheim


Studio glass was already established in Czechoslovakian glass art after 1945. Pioneers were the two old masters Stanislav Libenský and his late wife Jaroslava Brychtová. Because the couple turned to the sculpture and three-dimensional use of glass in art from very early on they had an undisputed leading position in European glass art in the 1980s.


The „Aurelia“ by Vera Liskova from Prague who died in 1985 and the “lion,” on the second floor of the large building give you an impression of the high artistic demands the Czechoslovakian glass artists set themselves during their training at the Prague Academy. Liskova blew and shaped exceptionally true to nature figural objects using glass tubes and a blowtorch. The use of clear glass gave them a special charm and Vera Lisková was the first artist in as early as the 1970s to join smaller glass parts together to make large sculptures using a blow torch – a method that was only adopted as the norm in artistic lamp work years later.