Biodiversitätsmuseum Göttingen

Untere Karspüle 2, 37073 Göttingen, Germany

How to find us:

Untere Karspüle 2
Zip, City
37073 Göttingen
#Naturkunde #Biologie


The Biodiversity Museum Göttingen is a significant museum dedicated to the study and exhibition of biological diversity. Founded in the year 2000, the museum has developed into an important center for science and education. It houses an extensive collection of exhibits that showcase the diversity of life on Earth, including plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms. The museum also offers interactive exhibits and educational programs for visitors of all ages to raise awareness about the protection and preservation of biodiversity. Through its research and collaboration with international institutions, the Biodiversity Museum Göttingen contributes to the global scientific community and supports the exchange of knowledge and insights about biological diversity.

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