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Exhibition “Building crafts of Stara Planina”

02. Jul 2020
Regional Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv




An exhibition by association “Meshtra - traditional knowledge and crafts”

The project “Building crafts of Stara Planina” by the “Meshtra - traditional knowledge and crafts” Мещраю, co-financed by National Fund “Culture” of the Ministry of Culture, aims to study the tangible and intangible architectural and construction heritage of the National Revival period in Gabrovo. Thanks to the conducted field research, analysis and documentation of various sites and the connection with local craftsmen, visitors will be able to learn about the architectural and construction achievements of Gabrovo region presented in an interesting way.

This Bulgarian region is extremely rich in historical and cultural accumulations, but due to the depopulation and a number of other factors, knowledge and cultural heritage are threatened with extinction. This is the reason why the documentation and promotion of traditional construction techniques and the study of the relationship between tangible and intangible cultural heritage are important steps towards the preservation of the local traditional architecture. It is a part of a process of creating a sense of responsibility, appreciation and respect for the legacy left by our ancestors.

Partners in the project are ЕТЪР - Етнографски музей на открито / ETAR - Ethnographic Open Air Museum, НГПИ "Тревненска школа" and ИЕФЕМ - БАН / IEFSEM - BAS.

You are welcome in the Regional Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv from July 1-14 to learn about the traditional architectural practices from the Revival Period in Bulgaria.

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