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Kunstmuseum Christian Gotthard Hirsch


Christian Gotthard Hirsch´s painter´s house was both the place where the well-known artist lived and worked. His impressive landscape pictures captivate with their luminous expressiveness.When Christian Gotthard Hirsch, born in Breslau in 1889, visited the Black Forest for the first time in 1942 and took a great liking to Höchenschwand, the successful landscape painter still had a studio in Berlin and a house in the Giant Mountains. In 1944, Hirsch lost his Berlin studio to aerial bombs and, after the end of the war, found a note from the unforgettable Dr. in the mailbox of his refuge in what is now the Czech Republic. Bettinger from Höchenschwand: “If you don’t know where to go, come to me in Höchenschwand”. And so the Hirschs, leaving all their pictures behind, find their first accommodation as displaced persons in the Bettinger-Höfle in Aisperg and later in Tiefenhäuser.In 1951 the Hirschs moved into their “Malerhäusel” in Höchenschwand. Here Christian Gotthard Hirsch´s creativity reaches new heights, the little house becomes a meeting place for art-loving people from far away. The painter lived and worked in this house until his death in 1977 and became a recognized figure in his new home. His impressive landscape pictures captivate with their luminous expressiveness. After the death of his widow Margarete in 1987, the community inherited the house and around 200 of Hirsch´s most beautiful paintings. Everything in the living studio has remained as if he still lived and worked there. In 1995, the community was able to transform the Malerhäusel into a home for art and artists through a generous donation for cultural purposes. In 1997 the renovation work was completed and excellent exhibition rooms were created. Since 2002, painting enthusiasts have been meeting here in a “painting circle”. Christian Gotthard Hirsch´s home is not only a memorial, but also a forum for local artists where exhibitions take place regularly. Groups and private individuals can look around the museum.The art book by Elmar Zimmermann about Christian Gotthard Hirsch can be purchased for 8.00 euros at the Hirsch Museum and at the tourist information center.The Hirsch Museum is on winter break from November to April.