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Carl-Maximilian-Bau, Kutschenhaus und Schlossbrunnen


The Carl Maximilian Building is named after Count Carl Maximilian, who finished the building in 1731. The two-storey longhouse served to accommodate guests as well as offering space for various festivities. The ground floor also contained the below stairs area, whilst the court staff were quartered in the attic. The building on the left functioned as a coach house (“Kutschenhaus”). As with the construction of the Carl Maximilian Building, the erection of the coach house began under Count Carl Gottfried. Christian Friedrich Carl von Giech added a further floor to the carriage house, thereby increasing its height. Under the instruction of Baron Hiller von Gaertringen (1938-1972), the carriage house was replastered and some structural improvements were made.The castle fountain (“Schlossbrunnen”), built in 1755, lies in the spacious main courtyard. The rococo fountain with its shell-shaped ornaments, cherubs and a swan, the heraldic beast of the Counts of Giech, is the work of the sculptor Georg Caspar Clemm, who hailed from Römhild.