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From 1564 onwards, Thurnau castle was jointly owned by the families of Giech and Künßberg.However, in 1576, after several years of the two families living peacefully together side-by-side, the division of the castle and the surrounding feudal estates took place. The exception to this was the market town of Thurnau itself, which remained in shared ownership.Henceforth, the Giechs inhabited the area of the upper castle courtyard, whilst the Künßbergs retained the lower courtyard. (“Künsberg-Flügel”)In July 1688, the dispute between these two families reached boiling-point, culminating in a shoot-out between servants of the Giechs and staff in the employ of the Künßbergs. In 1731, these conflicts were finally resolved. The Giech family purchased the half of the castle which belonged to the Künßbergs, thereby becoming its sole proprietors.