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Nordflügel und Zwinger


The north wing and the outer bailey (“Zwinger”) were built in the 15th century by the Förtsch family. The Hussites invaded Franconia in 1430 and severely damaging Thurnau castle. Following this, the Förtsch family made the decision to reinforce their castle’s fortifications. They therefore constructed an outer bailey, an open area between the castle and its outermost defensive wall. Later, an allure was added to the defensive wall, which also includes three towers.The north wing (“Nordflügel”) was conceived as an extension of the bower (women’s chambers) and was used as living quarters. In 1576, the families of Künßberg and Giech inherited the castle, with the Künßbergs moving into the north wing. The Giechs only gained possession of the whole castle much later, in 1731. The north wing housed their familial archive from the 19th century onwards.