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Ortsbürgermeister Karl Gundert
Pfarrer Kost-Platz 1
56745 Weibern
02655 10 58
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The local community of Weibern with its district of Wabern is located in the eastern edge of the Hocheifel between Nürburgring and Laacher Lake. Weibern was mentioned for the first time in 865 in a certificate from the Prüm Abbey. The municipality of Weibern, like some other municipalities in the Brohltal community, is also one of the best award-winning places in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in the competition "Our village has a future". The place is embedded in a lavish forest landscape and majestic tuff fractures. In the town center, many tuff stone buildings testify to the art of craftsmanship and the skills of today's and past generations. The sights of the place include the tuff stone center with a museum island, the Weiberner shop window, the Stone sowing, the stonemason station with a tuff stone museum, the Marian column, the Talaue landscape park, the nature reserve "In der Burwies" and the Waberner Heide. Life in women is characterized by an active club life that covers almost every leisure interest. The local community is a co -operator of the Leisure pool in Brohltal on the outskirts. The excellent infrastructure of the local community also makes life in women worth living. There is a bus connection to public transport. Until the A 61 motorway driveway via the feeder (B 412) to the Wehr/Nürburgring junction, it is about 5 minutes.