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With around 22,000 inhabitants, the district town of Germersheim, which is part of the Rhineland-Palatinate
district of Germersheim can look back on a long and culturally significant history.
significant history.

Since the days of the Romans, the town's location on the high banks of the
on the high banks of the middle Upper Rhine, it was of strategic importance not only for the
trade routes that ran through here, but also for the military. As early as the 2nd cent.
century AD, there was already a Roman checkpoint here in Germersheim called
control post with the name "Vicus Julius".

The place name Germersheim
is first mentioned in the Sinsheim Chronicle in 1090 as Germaresheim
on 18 August 1276 by King Rudolf of Habsburg, who built a castle - or rather a fortified castle - here.
who had a castle - or rather a fortified castle - here, granted the town charter.

In 1816, the town became part of Bavaria along with the Palatinate and, following the decision
of the German Confederation, the Bavarian King Ludwig I finally made the town
finally developed into a fortress between 1834 and 1861.

After the 1st World War, the fortress was "razed" in accordance with the Versailles
Treaty and rendered unusable for military purposes. Nevertheless
the impressive historical buildings and remnants from the fortress period.
remnants from the fortress era.

Germersheim's extremely favourable location, the connection to the
rail network, a road and railway bridge over the Rhine and, last but not least
Rhine and, last but not least, a modern harbour with around 60 hectares of water
have favoured the development of the town into an important business location.

Today, Germersheim has more than 10,000 jobs in
industry, commerce, trade, services and administration, Germersheim is a comparatively successful
comparatively successful, competitive and attractive town with a high quality of
quality of life.