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“Close to the city and in the countryside”

Belm was first mentioned in writing as “Belehem” in 1190. But three centuries earlier there was already a parish that already included most of today's municipal area.
The Belmer Mill is located near the old Belmer town center on the “Tie”. The first mill at this location on the edge of the Belmer Bruch was built around 840. After that, however, the building was demolished or structurally modified several times. Since the most recent restoration in 1991, the Belmer Mühle e.V. association has taken care of the preservation and presentation of the building and old technology. Other Belmer clubs are also based there and in the mill's adjacent former sawmill.
​More than 70 clubs and hobby and interest groups are registered in Belm and organize various festivals and events throughout the year, from craft markets to shooting festivals and sporting events. The Belm Cultural Summer, which is known beyond the borders of the region, offers a colorful musical program “outside and free” every Friday in July and August.

Belm is located in the middle of the TERRA.vita nature and geopark. Almost half of the municipal area consists of land used for agriculture or forestry. A network of around 80 kilometers of designated hiking trails and the 40-kilometer-long “Around Belm” cycle path offer opportunities for relaxation and sporting activity.

The black chalk pit in Vehrunge is geologically unique. Millions of years ago, the heat of the Bramscher Pluton transformed the black claystone that comes to the surface here into a substance from which black paint was once made. In the immediate vicinity, surrounded by trees, you will find the two large stone graves “Devil's Oven” and “Devil's Baking Trog”, which date back to the Neolithic Age, around 4000 years BC. BC, come from.