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Rüsselsheim am Main, Stadt


Marktplatz 4
65428 Rüsselsheim am Main
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Through Rüsselsheim’s most famous son Adam Opel, the town’s character is mostly marked by its “industry culture.”  Many imposing buildings are evidence of this.
Whoever takes the time to discover Rüsselsheim will not only be pleasantly surprised but will also, at the same time, experience a lot of variety. For the town offers many facets of a varied and active life. For its citizens and for visitors from near and far, Rüsselsheim offers a whole host of leisure time possibilities. Whether it’s the over 600 year old fort, the museum, the renowned art centre called Opel Villas or a theatre with a variety of performances, this town offers something for every taste.
As well as extensive leisure and (sport) club opportunities there are also a multitude of community facilities and public institutions which make everyday life easier and are suited to the needs of the citizens. In addition there are many recreational opportunities right on your doorstep – over half of the town’s area is green areas, parks or forest.