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Stadt Wahlstedt
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Founded in the 5th - 7th centuries and first mentioned in documents in 1150, Wahlstedt was granted city rights by the Schleswig-Holstein state government with effect from January 1, 1967. The city currently has around 10.100 residents.

One of the endearing charcteristics of the city, which is centrally located in the city triangle of Lübeck - Kiel - Hamburg, is its diverse social und cultural life. Everyone quickly finds contact with their fellow human beings, which is reflected in the big 'Festival of Nations' - the traditional city festival - every June.

In addition to the diverse opportunities that attract people from the surrounding area to Wahlstedt, there numerous other highlights here. 

Wahlstedt borders directly on the Segeberger Landesforst, the second largest contiguous forest area in Schleswig-Holstein.

Visitors to the dog forest, lovers of equestrian sports, hikers und cyclists will find many opportunities for active recreation here.

Anyone interested in sports can watch a variety of competitions on the spacious sports facilities, including the artificial turf pitch and the large sports hall.

In addition, the tennis performance center with modern courts and the tennis hall also enjoys a very high reputation. Well-known tennis celebrities have already played and trained here.

The attractive Aqua-Fun indoor and outdoor swimming pool with a wide range of offerings is also known beyond the city limits.

The local history and crafts museum as well as the information and documentation center 'Marineartilleriearsenal Wahlstedt' provide in-depth insights into the history of the city.

Wahlstedt is also worth seing from the air - when the weather is nice, there's the possibility to have a look from above by using a glider at the Wahlstedt airfield.

The newly renovated 'Little Theatre on the Market' remains a cultural magnet with great appeal in the region with a charming range of music, theatre and dance performances.

The good transport connections aren't barely an advantage for friends of the theatre, citizens and tourists, but are also highly valued by the local industrial and commercial companies.

Of course, there are also modern schools in Wahlstedt such as the Helen Keller (primary) school and the Poul-Due-Jensen (community) school, both with an open all-day school. The city also has a special school, a youth center and four kindergardens. Various other facilities such as the multi-generation playground, diasabled workshop and disabled apartments, old people's and nursing home, dementia care home, senior citizens' apartments, social center, citizens' meeting place and a modern city library are used as a contact point by all generations.

Attractive building plots for a house in the countryside as well as interesting commercial areas in a centrally located location make Wahlstedt a popular and commercial location.