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Behind Bars - guided tour

Ljubljanski grad / Ljubljana Castle 29. Aug 2017

Take a peek behind castle bars and discover a dark but mystical side of the castle’s turbulent past.

When discussing castles, we cannot avoid touching upon dungeons and punishment. Ljubljana Castle is no exception. For ages its dungeons and cells housed prisoners and reformers, soldiers and civilians, the rich and the poor, freethinkers and the politically problematic ... This is how it always was, but the same cannot be said for forms of punishment, which were diverse and determined mostly by the severity of the crime and social class of the offender. Authorities also regularly adapted punishments to current social norms of individual periods.

At an immersive guided tour “Behind Bars”, we delve into the past in the company of a guide and costumed characters. Short scenes are acted out, presenting difficulties faced by the ones who served their sentences at Ljubljana Castle, demonstrating diversity and development of punishment from the Middle Ages onwards.

More: https://www.ljubljanskigrad.si/en/castle-experiences/guided-tours/behind-bars/
Video: Marko Duplišak