Station: [006] Watercourse

This selection of fittings represents the continuous flow of water during a mission.

No extinction of fire without abundant water!

In densely populated regions there are many hydrants where water can be tapped. But often in remote rural areas, water cannot be supplied with sufficient speed and amount needed.

The gear for transporting water does not only consist of hose and pump but also includes water-bearing fittings, which you can see here.

Having been sucked or tapped from hydrants, rivers or ponds, the water finds its way via standpipes, suction baskets, distributors and pressure limiters to the various jet pipes, spray guns or water cannons.

However, sometimes the fire-brigade has to fulfil quite a different task: Water does not always have to be pumped in, but also out. Various forms of water jet and bilge pumps have been constructed for this purpose.


Get to grips and practise the hose-ABC - even if your approach is rather artistic than technical. You will be successful in one or the other way!

Then please continue along the red line and meet the truly great Red giants!