Station: [23] Hans Risse and the culture of the steelworkers


Come in, and take your seat – hurry, it’s about to start.

The Christmas extravaganza Der bunte Weihnachtsteller! I’ve been looking forward to it all year. Organised by our tireless Herbert Risse, who runs the club house at the steel works. Strictly speaking, I’m not even employed at the steel works, and neither is my husband … but… well, people have connections, you know, and somehow we manage to get our hands on tickets every year. Which is a good thing, otherwise the weeks leading up to Christmas would only be half as nice.

What? You’ve never heard of our Bunter Weihnachtsteller? Then you’re not from Riesa or the local area, obviously! Well…, it’s an event at the Capitol cinema. It’s always held in early December, runs for six or seven days, with several performances a day, even morning matinées – because of the shift workers. And it’s always sold out. As far as the programme is concerned – it’s a variety show like “Ein Kessel Buntes”, except live, and not in Berlin, but in Riesa!

One of my workmates went to see the show yesterday. And at work today, she was practically raving, you can’t imagine! It was a three-hour programme, she said. With dancing and a satirical revue and clowns and even a magician. And there was singing by the children’s choir and also by the folk art ensemble Joliot Curie. But as a very special highlight, they had the singer Roy Black, from the West!

Isn’t that something! Seriously! Where would Riesa be without Herbert Risse as the director of the club house to arrange all this! Not just the Christmas spectacular, no, there are plenty of other fantastic events throughout the year. That’s how much the steel works appreciates its workforce, and the whole town benefits.

The club house even has its own ensemble with a brilliant choir, a wind orchestra and dance groups. And there are plenty of hobby groups, too – for example, painting, pottery, dressmaking, lacemaking and metal working. And work groups such as philately, Indian studies and photography.


Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to this year’s Bunter Weihnachtsteller! Once again, our lineup includes scores of wonderful artists for your entertainment.


It’s starting! Do sit down! Quickly!